If you're looking for an alternative to St. Augustine, Zoysia grass is a great option.

Zoysia grass is a great option for those guys that want something for their shady lawn. You also get more blades of grass per square inch, so it's going to help choke out weeds.

The Best Grass for the DFW Area

Hey, guys. If you're looking for an alternative to St. Augustine, which I'm not a big fan of St. Augustine. It's such a wide blade. A lot of people think it looks weedy, it has those long runners, and it's just something that they don't want in their yard. But sometimes, you're like, "Hey, man. I have to have something because I have a shady lawn." Well, this Zoysia grass is a great option for those guys that want something for their shady lawn. Now sometimes people want a fine blade. So you like the look of Bermuda, you like the look of that Perennial Ryegrass in the winter time. Not that this stays winter green, but it just has this fine blade.

So I got a great palette here of Zeon Zoysia. It's a fine blade Zoysia. And got some mud on that area. Just look at this Zoysia grass though. It's a nice, fine blade. It's going to grow great in the sun. Let me throw a square of this on the ground right next to this Bermuda grass so you can see the difference. And so you can see it. We have more blades per square inch than you do in Bermuda grass. So it's going to help to choke out the weeds, it's going to help better with erosion. And I know a lot of you guys that have a couple of trees that the builders put in right in the front yard. And they grew up a little bit and your Bermuda grass just didn't like that too much. It started to have a little bit of erosion.

So you get more blades per square inch than you do with Bermuda grass. So it's going to help choke out weeds and the root structure is just excellent. And that helps you with erosion and stuff like that. So not only that, it's just a great lawn to running back and forth on. It's a great barefoot running lawn. And they use this on golf course, not greens, but golf course roughs and approaches, fairways, stuff like that. I think they're using it out at the tribute. I'll have to ask my brother about that one. But I think so. But anyways, it's a great grass. Zeon Zoysia.

So there's two options that we give guys. You get a wide blade grass, or I mean, a medium blade Zoysia grass or a fine blade Zoysia grass. And I'll show you some of that medium blade Zoysia grass here in a minute. But yeah, this is just good looking grass.


What we did out here on the lawn        

What we did out here on the lawn is we treated it two times with a chemical like Round Up, something like that, to kill the existing turf out here so we don't have to fight back and forth with Bermuda coming back into our Zoysia grass. And so we do a nice treatment there. Killed that turf out really careful so that we don't encroach on the neighbor's lawn, of course. We do it like a little scalpel. So we're coming in really good. We're raising lower sprinkler heads to make sure the new height of the sprinkler matches the new height of the sod that we're going to put down. Because you know, our sod here comes with a good inch of soil on it. So you see that. And so we're going to bring in some soil, some great soil right there. We're going to put one or two inches of, actually, about two or three inches of soil down to make sure that we have something really healthy for our new awesome sod because this is a primo sod. And we want to get a good sod bed for that thing to root into really fast and take hold. And it's full of nutrientses. Nutrientses, I just made up a word.

So this is really good soil. It's like warm to the touch right now because there's so much awesome stuff in it. So anyways, Zeon Zoysia, the best grass in the world, man. Look at that.

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