Where Our Lawn Service is Today

The Journey To Building a Better Lawn Care Business


450 Weekly Lawn Service Accounts in Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village


22 Weekly Landscape Maintenance Accounts in Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village


Sod Installations, Christmas Lights, Commercial Landscape Renovations


12 Year Round Staff, +8 Seasonal Staff

Where We Are Going

I think it is important to let you know how we are working to become the best lawn service company in the marketplace.

In order to grow a strong company we first need to answer this question.

How do you make your customers "Rave" about your company?

  • Find out what they need and want.
  • Figure out how to package that to make it easy to buy.
  • Deliver it exceptionally. Be remarkable.
  • Do it again and all the time.

The first step to ensure our clients win every time

Our customers win because they get better service.

We must create a work environment that allows our staff to win as well.

This means they need to have their needs met so they stay with the company longer. They must desire to do a great job. They must believe this company will take them where they need to go in life.

  • We Pay More: We use a Pay-For-Performance model with labor crews. This allows them to earn more money for doing quality work.
  • New Equipment: We give them the tools needed to do a great job with less effort.
  • We Listen: Some of the best processes we use to get the job done come from customer feedback and the man working in your yard.
  • Fast Routes: Our dispatcher in the office keeps cost down for our customers by ensuring the route is optimized for the crew so the cost of travel is not a burden.
  • ​​We Work Year Round: We provide leaf cleaning, and landscape bed maintenance when you need it most. While other companies leave their clients to fend for themselves in the Winter, our crew is happy to stick with your service even in the Winter. This avoids seasonal layoffs and Spring hiring of new crew members.

You get better attention to detail by motivating crews with 30% more pay than what other companies can offer them.
Our crews stay with us for years. This lets them learn about your property, consistently improving the results of each service.
While other companies have a hard time showing up on a regular basis, our crews have minimal interruption due to no-show attendance.