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The Best Landscape Maintenance Services

Bush and Bed Program:

You like your landscaping to look new, crisp and kept. You think that bushes should not be rubbing on your window screens, or touching the house. You invested money on your plants and trees and you want them to add appeal to your property not take from it.  A well kept landscape should be refreshing, not a drag to see. You think an overgrown bush that crowds the front door is almost a crime and is surely not inviting to your guests.

Good news…  We have a Landscape Maintenance Solution for you.

Sign up once and we will send a maintenance crew out to your home on a regular schedule to keep everything in its place, adding value to your home.

On Autopilot – Trim all hedges, bushes, shrubs and small trees. Cut back or remove out of season plants. Weed flower beds and bag leaves and debris. If you have annual flowers to plant or bags of mulch to spread we can also do that during the visit. Just have them available onsite ready to go when we arrive.

The Best Landscape Maintenance Program

Main Street Mowing offers a great Landscape maintenance program for your home. Get on the program this year and we will visit your property 5 times at regular intervals.

Your landscape will always be in order with the Bush and Bed Program.

The service is billed hourly at $60 per man per hour by fast, efficient, and knowledgable staff. We are motivated to provide you a high level of return for your investment. We want you to keep our program active for as long as you own your home and our cost effective service is just what you need.

*one time services are available when time persists in our schedule at a rate of $65 per man per hour.