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Of course you are going to receive great quality lawn mowing service from us every time.

That is a given.  The difference is how easy we make things for you.  We communicate very well.  Here is how things will go.  You find this nice website.  You get the overview of who we are.  Our site gives you an instant quote with a competitive price.

Get an Instant Quote

You sign up and we dispatch a crew to your home within 24 hours if you are in a rush.  Your credit card is on file so there is nothing further you will need to do unless you need to make a change to your service.  We show up on the same day every week to complete the service and bill the card on file. That is easy right?

We have great folks in the office to answer your questions.

You can call us, email us, text us and you will get a response right away.  I guarantee you will love our customer service. We have an online portal so you can login and view your entire account.  We will pay you $75 for referrals too because we want to grow and your friends need to get rid of their less than awesome service provider and make one more thing go easy for them too.

Short of saying I love you, and giving you a big hug….

I am very happy you have chosen to do business with Main Street Mowing.

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Your lawn crew is fast, efficient and professional.
We will arrive on your property to mow, line trim, edge with a steel blade, and blow debris from all paved areas.
Same Mow Day every week. Same Crew every week.
We alternate the direction of the cut so that we don’t leave ruts in your lawn.
  • Friendly Office Staff
  • Same Crew Every Week
  • Consistent Mow Day
  • Mow within 24 hours
  • Clean and Beautiful Lawn
  • Mow, Trim, Edge, Blow
  • Additional Services Available

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