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Highland Village, TX Lawn Care

Best Lawn Care Service in Highland Village, TX

Best Lawn Care Service in Highland Village, TXHighland Village is home to approximately 16,342 residents. This Denton County community wraps around the southern edge of Lewisville Lake. Those of us who live here love the home-town feel, but also appreciate the dynamic economic growth strategies that keep our small city relevant in modern times. It is like having the best of both worlds.

Speaking of best, we believe that the best lawn care services in Highland Village come from our team at Main Street Mowing. We are passionate about helping our clients maintain the best lawn possible in our climate. Contact us for on-time, professional landscape maintenance services in Highland Village.

Reliable, On-Time Highland Village, TX Lawn Mowing Service

The best lawns in Highland Village, TX have thick, green turf and well-manicured bushes and shrubs. There are a few things they do not have, too — like sand spurs, fire ants, and rodents that uproot prized flowers.

Maintaining a healthy yard requires a mowing team that is dedicated to showing up on schedule, as planned, and on-time. A dependable mowing service keeps your lawn at the perfect height for health and vitality. Lawns that are cut too short will often die or develop brown spots. Lawns that are not cut often enough may get too tall and make maintenance more difficult. Reliability is definitely a must when considering lawn care partners.

Since 2005, we have worked to build a reputation that is grounded on a foundation of trust and reliability — it’s just part of who we are. Great customer service doesn’t just happen. In order to better serve our clients, Main Street Mowing provides multiple ways to reach a dedicated account manager. Any time you need assistance of any kind, you can email, text, call, or log into the online portal to communicate with your team.

Complete Landscape Maintenance

Complete landscape maintenance in Highland Village might look different for each customer. For some people, mowing is as complete as they need. Others might want to add flower bed management, building a barrier for fire ants, or laying sod to give the lawn a jump start on the season.

Main Street Mowing’s regular lawn service March through October includes the standards — weekly mowing, string trim, edge, and mow. Bush trimming, weed pulling, and pruning services are also available, typically up to five times per year. One service many Highland Village, TX clients want is the late winter, pre-spring pruning for their crêpe myrtles. This service helps your shrubs bloom earlier and stay in better condition than if you left them to evolve naturally.

Bottom line — complete landscape maintenance service packages are flexible, but offer everything you need to keep your plants healthy.

Bush Trimming/Pruning

We have done this so long that we know exactly when each bush or shrub variety needs a good trimming and pampering. Some, like the crêpe myrtle, need an annual trim, while others may need attention four or five times per year. Our experts know when and how to keep your shrubs, trees, and bushes looking great and thriving throughout the seasons.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

The Main Street Mowing lawn care protocol includes seven different applications for maintaining a healthy, weed-free lawn. After treatment, you may see some brown or bare patches. This signals that weeds and nuisance vegetation are dying out to give your turf more room to spread.

We remove weeds by hand from flower beds and other areas where chemical applications may damage healthy plants in proximity.

Fire ant & mosquito barriers are also available on request.

Main Street Mowing’s Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Main Street Mowing’s excellent service isn’t just about providing superior communication channels and rapid response. We have an exceptional reputation because we provide a full range of services that most homeowners need and expect from a landscaping partner.

To maintain our high standards, we come together once a year to update our skills and working knowledge. And, we encourage our team members to continuously learn about new developments in the landscaping industry.

Here are a few ways we demonstrate the Main Street commitment to excellent customer service.

  • We will gladly share customer reviews and feedback with prospective clients, so we work hard to ensure they are positive.
  • We reward crew members who consistently provide exceptional customer service.
  • We have an A+ BBB rating.
  • We encourage customer feedback to shape customer experiences.

About Highland Village, TX

Highland Village, TX is a family-friendly community. The Main Street Mower crews are proud to share space with amazing neighbors. There are plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family. In fact, when we aren’t treating lawns and mowing backyards, you might catch some of our crew members enjoying some downtime at the lake fishing or enjoying the Arbor Day activities at Unity Park each June.

Main Street Mowing delivers high-quality, customized lawn care and landscaping services to our friends and neighbors in Highland Village. We want to help you maintain a beautiful lawn throughout the year. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs.