Well, we're coming into spring.

You're always looking at getting your spring clean-up done. I know you guys are trying to clean up everything in the house.

Get rid of stuff.

Downsize all your clutter, it's time to do that out there in your bushes and beds as well.

So we've got a great program for you guys. We've always had this awesome program. We do a great job. It's called the Bush & Bed Program where we come out to your property five times a year, and trim back your ornamental grasses. If you want your crape myrtles trimmed back a little bit, we'll do that as well. Pick all your weeds, trim all your bushes, just make sure everything is nice and fresh for the flower beds, and that's called our Bush & Bed Program.

So we've got a great promotion for you guys this year. If you want to take our mowing services and our Bush & Bed Program, we're going to throw you out a huge promotion, but you got come to the website and see what it is. It'll be right there on the front of the page, and I think that you're going to enjoy it.

So anyways, take advantage of that, and say hello to our little ducks over here. We're at the Flower Mound River Walk out here taking a walk today, looking at some of the awesome individual landscape beds they got out here. I encourage you guys to do that. Go and spend money in your local community, come out and see the advancements that they're doing over here in construction. Look at the awesome landscapes if you want to get some ideas for what you want to do in your yard. Then you can come by and see how it looks in real life.

So anyways, Tanner Maxson here with Main Street Mowing. It's time for those spring clean-ups guys. Start Your Service Today - Give us a call, 214-317-8301. Adios.


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