You ever wonder what you should plant?

What's the right time of year to do it and what kind of flowers to put in the ground?

Well on March 15 is what we call, 'Time to switch out your annual flowers day'.

So if you have some pansies in from the winter time, they're not looking so hot anymore? It's time to put something different in the ground that loves the spring. And what loves the spring? Nothing is better than petunias. Petunias give you a huge bloom. You can put in a mix of color. You can put in your favorite color. They come in a variety of different shades.

I recommend a purple, pink and white petunia mixture, or something like that.

You know, it'll just fill out the bed. It'll look like spring. It'll look like Easter. You can't go wrong. So, March 15. Mark your calendars.

It's time to change out those flowers and get some more spring color to pop in the flower beds.

If you don't want to plant them yourself, simply let us know and we can get it all taken care of for you quick during a

Bush and Bed Service.

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