I say put stuff on a trellis.

You can see how thin these things are. Right? Well this is a little Gem Magnolia on a trellis.

So they call it, Espalier

It's all fancy. But that's the word for putting something on a trellis really. And so, this is a great choice. It's a little gem magnolia. You know those magnolias that we get those really large white blooms. They smell really good. So that's one good choice and you can see it's a pretty dense foliage. So it's going to give you some good screening.

Another option which I think is pretty cool is putting some camellias on a trellis.

planting for privacyLook at these blooms. Aren't these fantastic man. So you know if you like flowery things, you think that that's pretty good looking, then you could do something like that. Or maybe do both. Maybe put a camellia and a little gem magnolia, and a camellia and a little gem magnolia. And kind of put them together. And let me see if I can't find a couple other little things. I know there's a loropetalum or Chinese fringe flower that you can put on the trellis and it looks really good too. And that's more of a burgundy color.

So, if you want to mix it up a little bit, if you had a long spans to create a screening, then little gem magnolias, some camellias, loropetalum, all on a trellis. Put those together and make yourself a really awesome screening between you and the neighbor. Adios.


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