Zoysia looks pretty darn good in the winter.

Hey, guys, Tanner with Main Street Mowing. We're in the middle of January, I just wanted you to look at our Zoysia lawn over here and Tifway 419 Bermuda lawn over here. See that even in the wintertime Zoysia looks pretty darn good.

This Zoysia is dormant. 

So it's not going to look like your awesomest, freshest, awesomest, green, beautiful lawn, but for a dormant lawn, it's one of the best lawns on the block.

Now you saw in one of our previous videos, this probably was, I don't know, maybe six months to a year ago, probably not even quite a year ago, we installed this lawn. So if you want to go see how we installed this lawn, go check that out. You'll see all the horrible roots and the erosion problems that she did have. This is what it looks like in the wintertime. This is January. If I'm guessing, this is probably a seven month old yard, but it's kind of hard to tell how awesome it is in the wintertime.

But I just wanted you to see how it looks, especially when you compare it to the Bermuda grass. Every lawn looks pretty rough in the wintertime, right? But that Zoysia over here, it's much, much, much, much nicer. So anyways, thought you'd like to enjoy that. You all have a good one.

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