Good soil helps with leveling lawns.

Imagine the contrast that's going to be here when we lay this deep, dark, zoysia grass

Look at this, we have this nice dark rich soil

Hey guys, Tanner here with Zoysia Grass Dallas. We are taking a walk on this beautiful house, look at this place, man. The sun's bleaching it out, you can't tell. Okay, there you go. I love this place it looks great, and of course, what an awesome looking house needs is to top it off with some awesome dirt. But, of course, it's not just dirt. But it's about the new Zoysia grass that's getting ready to go in here, and the thing I love about this is we're going to put ... There's no tree rings here, we're going to put Zoysia grass right up to those trees. So you can imagine the contrast that's going to be here when we put this awesome deep, dark, green grass, the Zoysia grass, in this nice partially shaded area.

Zoysia needs about three hours of sunlight, we got that here. And man, look at this. We re-graded this whole lawn, they'd put in a pool, the grade wasn't exactly perfect. I just want you guys to check out ... The point of this video is, we're going to look at what kind of soil we're putting down. Look at this, we got a nice dark soil, it's got some sandy loam in it, it's got some manure in it, so we got some nutrients and stuff like that in here. Some decomposing mulch, everything that, you know, soil just loves.

The good thing about it is it levels beautifully. So these guys, they come in here with their wheelbarrows, they fill up the area with piles of soil. We get our sand trap rakes and we smooth it about. Then they get the lawn roller out and they squish it a little bit. Just to make sure there is no bumps in the road, and that you can just really tell if it's a good grade or not after you put that lawn roller on there and give it a nice, smooth finish. If that makes any sense for you? But, yeah.

Walking around, hope it's not too bumpy for you guys. But we haven't put our grass down yet. That's going to be another day, because this is a big job. So anyways, I love Zoysia grass, putting all that stuff down. We've got 10 pallets of Palisades Zoysia in here already from last fall. So now it's time, the homeowner said, "Hey, I'm ready to put the rest of the lawn down. We've got 15 pallets to go." So we've just put in 19 yards of soil and 15 pallets of grass. You don't always need 19 yards of soil if you have a 15 pallet project. But this one had some lawn leveling to do, and some parts of the pool that weren't as level as he liked it, so a little bit more drastic on the soil on this project. But it's going to turn out beautifully.

Of course you know, stay tuned because we'll put out another video when the project's all said and done. Adios, guys.


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