Quick tip about what kinds of grass can grow in the shade

Hey guys. It's Tanner here. As you can see under here, right underneath me, it was a Bermuda lawn. It's in the shade. Now what do you see? You see a lot of dirt, right? With dirt comes erosion. You can see some of these tree roots are starting to show up.

Some Zoysia Grasses Resemble Bermuda

What we've done over here on this other lawn, is you can put a couple of different types of grass in the ground that love the shade. This one is a Zoysia lawn. It's pretty fresh lawn. It's been down for a few months. You can put on St. Augustine down, or you can put Zoysia down.

Zoysia grass closely resembles a Bermuda grass. For the rest of this law that's out in the sun, this Zoysia grass is going to match it pretty closely. The St. Augustine, of course it's a wider blade of grass, so it doesn't look as close. This will blend well together. You always have some options ... Zoysia grass and St. Augustine for a shady lawn to save you on the erosion problems that come. It just looks like an eye sore. You don't want that either.

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