Use the Mulch Calculator >> Here is how you calculate the amount of mulch needed.

You start out by measuring the length and then the width. The depth is recommeded to be 3 inches deep.

Mulch Calculator


Rectangular Bed

Feet Long

Feet Wide

Inches Deep

Circular Bed

Diameter (Feet)

Inches Deep

Triangular Bed (measure sides that meet at 90º angle)

Side 1: Feet Long

Side 2: Feet Long

         Inches Deep


You will need:

Cubic Feet or

Cubic Yards

2 cu/ft bags or

3 cu/ft bags

weight of mulch(pounds )

Why do we mulch flower beds?

Mulch not only makes a garden look great, it also proved some essential elements that help maintain your garden.

  • Retains Moisture

When the sun hits the soil it quickly heats it up and begins evaporating the moisture in the top layers.  When you add 3 inch thick layer of mulch it is just like giving your flowerbeds a shade canopy.

  • Stops New Weeds

Weeds need access to the sun in addition to water and great soil.  Mulch removes the sun from the equasion and places a barrier between the mulch and the soil.  You will likely still have to maintain weeds in your bed, however a good 3 inch layer of mulch will minimize these invasive plants.

  • Helps Slow Erosion

Without the layer of mulch on your soil, the rain wind and any foot traffic can sweep your soil away. A good 3 inch layer of mulch will act as a mat on top of your soil, keeping everything in its place.

Use this Mulch Calculator to help you figure out how much mulch is needed to attain your 3 inch barrier of installed mulch.

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