6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Mowing Service in Lewisville

All homeowners want a healthy, beautiful lawn, but maintenance often proves to be difficult. Many customers are inexperienced, and some simply lack the time to do the job themselves. In these cases, it’s wise to consider working with a lawn care professional. In this guide, readers will learn which details they should consider before hiring a mowing service in Lewisville.

The Company’s Reputation

Like other professional services, some lawn care companies are better than others. Customers should do their own research before making a decision. A Google search will tell a customer how companies stack up against one another, and online reviews are a great source of info as well. Asking neighbors who they use is a good way to find a reliable, reputable lawn care service.

Licensing and Insurance Coverage

Before hiring, make sure the service holds the appropriate local and state licenses. While it may be cheaper to hire an unlicensed lawn care contractor, it isn’t always safe. When a company holds the appropriate licenses, it implies that team members are trained professionals. It’s also important to verify the provider’s insurance coverage, as it protects the customer from liability in the event that a worker is hurt on the job.

Professional Memberships and Customer Service

Is the lawn care provider part of a local or national professional association? Lawn care companies that belong to trade organizations tend to be more dedicated to upholding the standards of the profession. Similarly, customers should choose contractors with whom they can easily communicate if a problem or question arises.


Next, look for a lawn care company that takes care of its equipment. For instance, mower blades should be sharpened or changed often. If the company maintains its equipment properly, it’s likely to provide a high level of customer service.

Service Contracts and Guarantees

Before signing on with a lawn care service, customers should learn what type of contract they require. While some ask customers to sign yearly contracts, others work on verbal agreements. It’s a good idea to find out exactly what’s covered in the contract, and to learn whether the company offers a money-back guarantee.


Sometimes online reviews and good word-of-mouth aren’t enough. References are a good way to assess a company’s reliability, and providers should offer them on request. If the company is unable or unwilling to provide references, take it as a warning sign.

Hiring a lawn service isn’t a decision to make lightly, and the factors listed here can help a customer make an informed decision. Contact Main Street Mowing to find out how our professional, dedicated team can help a homeowner create and maintain a healthy, green, lush lawn.