6 Steps for Lawn Mowing Services in Lewisville

In Texas, lawn care specialists follow meticulous steps when mowing and treating your grass. The steps help your grass to grow thicker and healthier overall. Fertilization cycles are completed in between mowing services and provide adequate nutrients and minerals. Local lawn specialists complete Lawn Mowing Services in Lewisville and keep your grass lush and green.

When is the Lawn Mowed?

Lawn care specialists won’t mow the lawn when your grass is damp. Moist conditions promote root rot and provide a feast for fungus, insects, and grubs. It is important to wait until your grass is dry before mowing.

The rate at which your grass grows depends on how often it is fertilized, the frequency of watering, and the time of the year. Lawn care specialists recommend mowing when your grass has reached about one-third the suggested height. As a general rule of thumb, your grass is never mowed shorter than three inches. Grass that is too short yellows due to a lack of adequate protection from the sun.

Why is Mowed Grass Used for Mulch?

The grass that is left behind after mowing is full of nutrients such as potassium that the lawn needs.  Since it is all-natural, the mulch decomposes and won’t present a hazard for your grass or landscaping.

When is New Grass Mowed?

Newly planted grass is mowed after about four weeks. All seeds require adequate time to establish themselves in the lawn following the germination process. The lawn care specialist won’t cut the new grass until it has reached the suggested height for trimming.

How Do Lawn Care Specialists Create Borderless Flowerbeds?

During the preparation process, the lawn care specialists can simply turn a string trimmer up on its end and create a verticle border between the beds and then lawn.  This is actually a very easy process but one that needs to be maintained weekly. When done properly it can be a great transition.

How are Shaded Areas Mowed?

The lawn care specialists adjust the mower blades to a greater height when trimming shaded areas of the lawn. The darker portions of the lawn require longer grass for proper photosynthesis. If your grass is mowed too short, the lawn won’t thrive in these areas and surrounding plants are impacted directly.

Is There a Pattern that Lawn Care Specialists Follow?

The mowing pattern defines the direction in which your grass grows. For best results, the lawn care specialists won’t follow the same pattern each time your grass is trimmed. Mowing in the same direction each time has a negative impact on the soil and produces ruts. The conditions promote weed growth and produce unhealthy grass.

In Texas, lawn care specialists determine the best time to mow your grass based on its species and its growth rate. The general rule of thumb is to trim your grass once it is one-third above the recommended height, and most specialists recommend a height of three inches. The fertilization process determines if your grass grows faster than average. To learn more about professional lawn care and mowing services, you can contact Main Street Mowing right now for your next appointment.