I want to teach you how to change your lawnmower blade.

So what I'm going to show you is how to put this blade back on. So look at this horrible blade guys. You see how it's just worn the heck out?

You guys go get yourself a fresh blade

Hey guys, Tanner Maxson here with Main Street Mowing. I want to teach you about how to change your lawnmower blades. Of course you're going to need to know how to identify when your lawnmower blade is ready to be changed. And what does a good lawnmower blade look like? So this is a pretty fresh lawnmower blade. I just took it off just for this demonstration. But as you can see, we've got a nice clean find edge right here for lawnmower blades. It's got a nice, you know, basically no wear and tear out here. Just enough wear and tear to take off the powder coating paint right there.

Changing the Blade

So what I'm going to show you is how to put this guy back on and I'll show you what came off of the mower a second ago. So we're going to kind of do this again for the demonstration purposes, but it's important to change your lawnmower blades so that you get a nice clean cut on your lawn so you're not ripping the end of the blade. Because when you do that, a lot of moisture escapes and then it looks real fringy on the end of your blade whenever you're cutting it with a bad blade and that tends to dry out really quickly and it looks like a dead haze over your lawn. So if you want your lawn to look nice and crisp and green, always cut it with a fresh blade. And let's just show you how to change a lawnmower blade real quick.

So of course every lawnmower probably has a little different size. Ours is a 5/8 today. I'm using a Toro Commercial mower. Always be careful that you're not spilling fuel whenever you change your lawnmower blade. So since my gas can is on the left hand side, I'm going to tip it over to the right. As you can see, I'm doing this on the concrete just in case I do spill a tiny bit of gasoline. It's not going to go into my grass. Move that a little bit. It's not going to go into the grass.

So look at this horrible blade guys.

So look at this horrible blade guys. You see how it's just worn the heck out? There's just chunks missing out of the back of it. So this is like an old blade I found in the garage just to show you guys. But we're going to take this blade off. An easy way to do it, use your foot as a brace and just give it a little crank and it comes right off. Now if you guys haven't changed your blades in a long time, perhaps you got the original blade from when you bought your lawnmower, this might be really tight. So this is the cool way mechanics trick, okay? If you want to put your wrench on here, you can have added cheater bar by grabbing any other large wrench just like that. And now you've got more leverage so you can put your foot down here and then it just comes off a lot easier because you've got all that extra leverage. So anyways, with that out of the way, it's broken free.

I'll take off this blade. And some people sharpen their blades. But this one's too far gone. Blades aren't that expensive. You guys go get yourself a fresh blade, put it back on there. And you don't need to go crazy with the tightening. But you need to put it on nice and snug. And then a little after snug. Make sure it's all balanced in there and then kind of the reverse of that. Put your foot on the other side and it'll help you to tighten it, right? So it's on there nice and snug. I'm giving it a little bit more. And that baby is good to go.

So once you got your fresh blade on, get out there, mow some grass. Your lawn is going to look awesome. And don't forget to put away your tools. You see that down there? I got a... We got a nice wrench ready to be mowed. We don't want that there. So anyways, change your lawnmower blades, guys. You'll be happy you did. You're going to have a fresh cut lawn and it's going to look nice and green and healthy.


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