I want to teach you how to adjust your sprinklers

What I want to talk to you today specifically about is on these pop-ups. These have these adjustable nozzles here that are really cool, and you can adjust it just with your hand. This one right here is adjustable, so if you can look at this, I'm going to open this up quite a bit and potentially get the whole area that I want to get coverage on, so that's really cool.

Adjustable Sprinklers

This one right here is adjustable, so if you can look at this, I'm going to open this up quite a bit and potentially get the whole area that I want to get coverage on, so that's really cool. Come over and take a look at this straight down and see how to adjust it.

All right, so what you want to do is you want to hold the lower collar area and then adjust it open closed like that, and it just opens up to the area specifically that you and your garden or your lawn and landscape calls for. It's pretty cool, you can use those all over the place, and it's easier to shop for it.

Rotor Sprinklers

Another awesome type of sprinkler are these rotors. These rotors cast a longer arch with the water. It goes a longer distance than, let's say a pop-up valve. The cool thing is you can go at 360 degrees. You can also adjust it to go, just a quarter like you did on the pop-ups. I'm going to teach you with this cool little tool on how you can adjust them. Now, some sprinklers use different tools and everything but most of them use this guy right here, so let's look at how to adjust a rotor.

The First thing you want to adjust is right up here. You're going to stick this in, it's a little Allen head. You stick this into the top and this goes down into the nozzle. What that's gonna do is that's going to send a screw type thing down into the water and it's going to hit that water stream and diffuse it. Let me do a quick thing here right quick so you can see it better. All right, so I'm going to remove it all the way and you can see that it's just a straight stream. See how far it goes way out into the street almost?

When we come back here and diffuse it by screwing the screw down, and it'll start to interrupt that stream. Now we've got more of a fanned out spray that atomizes the water. It shortens the distance that it'll throw, but it's great if you have a smaller area and you want to get that water spread out quite a good ways and it doesn't shoot one big old stream out there into the world and just waters the end of it but nothing in between. That's the diffuser. Let me get it where I need it again.

The other section is right here, this little tool, you just stick into this other little area, this little hole right here. If you go one direction, it increases the amount that it'll rotate and if you go the opposite direction, of course, it will decrease the arch that it'll rotate so, let me do that [inaudible 00:02:48] right here. Right now it's a whole full 360 so I'm going to take it down quite a bit.

All right, so the camera man's going to get wet. Okay, so the left stop area is now right there. Okay. We're going to go a little bit further, and now it stops right there. I'm going to just keep cranking on it. It stops right there, so we're going to go the opposite direction again and put it back where we had it. Move a little bit camera man. I thought you were going to run away. It's hot out here, that didn't feel bad did it?

All right, so now, I'm going to get your legs. Woohoo! This one's going pretty far. I want it to go a full 360 degrees, so I'm going to keep cranking it clockwise. Here comes some more water. That feels good, right? There it goes. Now it goes all the way around and now my whole lawn is getting a 360 degree watering.

Sprinkler Tractors

You'd see these back in the old days, it's your sprinkler tractor. These things are cool. The water pressure goes in here and as this thing is spinning these tires actually turn, so it follows the track of the garden hose itself. The cool thing is you can have a really long garden hose and you can basically hand water or spot water a whole long section. If you have 100 linear feet of garden hose, this thing will follow the track. I'm going to turn this on.

A couple of ways to adjust it, it has some gears for slow gear and high gear here in the back, which is cool if you want to just water really quickly. You can also change these angles so it can spray way up high in the air, or if you've got a little short spot you want to do, like say from here to the street but you don't want to go out in the street and bug people, you can just point these down a little bit, tighten that up, and let her rip. These things will start spinning. We'll go turn that on right now and let you see what that looks like.

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