Compare the Top 5 Companies for Landscape Maintenance in Highland Village

For some homeowners, the decision to hire a lawn maintenance provider is a difficult one. There are numerous companies in the area, of various sizes and levels of professionalism, and new customers may find it hard to choose the right company. However, this checklist can help homeowners decide which services they need and which company can do the job.

What Kind of Lawn Maintenance is Needed?

  • Mowing: If the lawn is in relatively good condition, basic mowing services may be the way to go. Highland Village Landscape Maintenance can be done on a short- or long-term basis, and companies offer contracts of varying lengths. While short-term arrangements are more flexible, longer contracts typically come at a lower rate.
  • Assessment and troubleshooting: When a homeowner notices that their lawn is discolored and patchy, it’s time to call a local provider who can assess the situation. Lawn care providers are trained to point out underlying problems through soil testing and other processes.
  • Remediation: Based on the assessment mentioned above, a lawn company should offer a customized remediation plan. These plans may include aeration, de-thatching, weed control, pest treatment, disease control, fertilization, and more.

How Can a Homeowner Find the Right Lawn Maintenance Service?

  • Reviews: Look for a lawn care provider with verifiable local references and objective online reviews. The Better Business Bureau can tell customers whether a company has any unresolved customer complaints.
  • Proper credentials: The contractor a customer hires should be licensed according to local and state law. Additionally, customers should look for companies that belong to industry associations, as they’re often held to a higher standard of customer service and professionalism.
  • Insurance: Anyone working on the lawn should have updated business liability, worker’s compensation, and property damage insurance. This coverage protects the company and the customer in the event that something goes wrong during a job.
  • Knowledge: Ensure that the contractor knows about the plant and grass species the homeowner has chosen. It’s also good for companies to have knowledge of xeriscaping, drip watering, and eco-friendly fertilizers.

Learn About Neighborhood and HOA Requirements

The neighborhood or homeowner’s association’s rules may outline how often grass should be cut, and they may set a maximum lawn height. Noise control is a factor to consider as well; while a customer may be fine with having their lawn mowed at 7 am on a Sunday morning, their neighbors may think otherwise. Ensure that the lawn service will follow all applicable HOA rules and noise bylaws.

The information included on this checklist can help first-time customers learn what to look for in a lawn maintenance provider. For more information, call Main Street Mowing or visit them online.