Utilize Local Businesses for Flower Mound Lawn Service

Main Street Mowing is waiting to provide excellent, affordable Flower Mound Lawn Service for residential property owners.  There are several advantages to using local and independently operated businesses opposed to national chains, or even the high school kid down the street. 

  • The Right Equipment - Local professionals will know exactly what equipment and settings work best for the grass and soil conditions. Not only do they work in the area, they also live in the area.  That means the specifics of all components that need to be considered are already known. 
  • Pride in the Final Result - Whether services included lawn mowing, weed control, mulching, landscape maintenance, or fertilization the professionals who worked on the property will drive by it on occasion to ensure your property looks its best.

Before Services Commence

Working with Main Street Mowing could mean on-site consultations and assessments to help owners determine what services are needed to achieve the desired results.  Fertilization services are not always necessary.  Presenting options, recommendations, and free estimates based on a visual inspection of the lawn and customer ideas increases satisfaction. 


Take the time to compare services, pricing, and experiences of Main Street Mowing with that of other local competitors.  Go look at lawns that have been serviced by both for a clear indication of what can be expected.  Make a list of selection factors important to the family for the use of the yard and ask what each business can offer.  It is often easier, cheaper, and better to choose Main Street Mowing than seeking services elsewhere.