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How to improve the quality of your lawn.

We're going to offer a 50% off of all of our

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So we're going to invite you over...

Hey, guys, Tanner Maxson here to talk to you about a bunch of things about how to improve the quality of your lawn. But also, before we get started on that, I also want to tell you about some awesome promotions we're doing right now. We hired a couple of extra guys over here, so we really want to push getting additional people in our lawn mowing routes. So we're going to invite you over. We're going to offer a 50% off of all of our services if you come in as a new client all the way through August, so come in and see what your price is, your regular price, get your discount, join our route because we’re trying to build two new jobs in the Flower Mound area.

So okay, let's look at what some healthy lawns look like and what some bad things look like. We're going to kind of try to focus today on watering and making sure that your lawn has what it needs to survive. This is a brand new Zoysia lawn. We're in the shade in here, but as you can tell, it looks nice and green. It's obviously, rooting in nicely. We're watering it. I'm actually watering it a lot right now. I'm still watering it about once a day because it's a brand new lawn. But what I want you to see is this cool thing over here. Not cool actually. It's very uncool.

This is the evidence of moles. Moles are running around in my lawn, and so they're burrowing and they're creating these holes and they're kicking up this dirt over here and they're basically chasing grub worms. So grub worms or some kinds of crickets or some kind of just some food source. When you have a lot of moles, that means you probably have a lot of pests in your lawn. So we went ahead and treated this for grub worms. Hopefully, those grubs worms will die out and these moles will go elsewhere for their food source.

This is what it looks like whenever you have ... You might be thinking, "Oh, man, his lawn looks like heck out there." Well, this is a chemical burn. We put some Roundup down because we had a whole lot of Bermuda grass in here and we're putting in some Zoysia grass. So if you see something that like that in your yard, chances are you put down the wrong chemical or somebody put down some Roundup.

All right, guys, thanks for tuning in. We give these tips all the time, so subscribe to our Facebook or our YouTube Channel here. Wherever you're watching this at, we're going to give a new tip almost every day. We're out here doing a lot of stuff, trying to improve your lawn, trying to improve your outdoor space and don't forget, sign up for our lawn maintenance service. We're really motivated to get new customers this year. I'm a veteran-owned, I'm a military veteran myself and we've been in business right here in the Lewisville, Flower Mound area since 2005, rocking and rolling, Main Street Mowing wants your business. Come sign up, come see what our prices are. I'm sure you're going to be very pleased, and, of course, we want to give away that 50% off of everything for the month of August, while we're doing this telethon crazy drive, because we're motivated to grow the company, create jobs for a couple of new guys. That's it. Thanks for watching. Adios.

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