Understanding Your Lawn From a Flower Mound Fertilization Company

In Texas, a lush lawn is inviting and welcoming for you and your visitors. A well-maintained lawn encourages a healthy lifestyle and makes you and your family want to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Lawn care specialists perform critical steps for keeping your lawn healthy. A Flower Mound Fertilization Company provides the right nutrients and minerals to keep your lawn aesthetically pleasing throughout the year.

What Type of Fertilizer is Used by Professionals?

Lawn care specialists apply fertilizer to the lawn at regular intervals to keep your lawn healthy. The custom blended fertilizers include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to improve the appearance of your lawn. The combination encourages leaf and root growth and helps your grass species perform as expected.

Applying Nitrogen to Your Lawn

Nitrogen provides your lawn with its lush green appearance. Your lawn care specialist distributes the right amount of nitrogen to improve the grass without producing overgrowth. The incorrect amount creates environmental stress and thinning of the grass. The correct volume of nitrogen applied to the lawn equates to one pound per each 1,000 square foot. The species of the grass determines what quantity of nitrogen it needs.

How Does Phosphorus Help Your Lawn?

Phosphorous enhances the vigor of your grass species. It is urgent for the grass at the beginning of its life cycle. Your grass develops healthy roots and achieves better absorption of minerals and nutrients. The roots grow stronger, thicker, and softer. The lawn care specialists test your soil and determine the right amount of phosphorous to add. Too much of it leads to soil erosion and promotes the growth of weeds and algae.

Why is Potassium Used to Fertilize the Lawn?

The macronutrient, potassium facilitates photosynthesis, water absorption, respiration, and protein production for your grass. The cellular walls are strengthened with the right amount of potassium. The macronutrient helps your grass thrive in negative conditions such as droughts, excessive temperatures, and other external stressors. Potassium prevents the yellowing of your grass and keeps it lush and thick. Once treated, the grass is used for mulch, which provides additional potassium as your grass grows.

In Texas, the right combination of minerals and nutrients offers the best fertilizer for your lawn. The specially blended formula provides protection against pests and weeds, too. Regular fertilization encourages natural plant processes that keep the grass healthier and a lush green.

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