Steps Followed by Fertilizer and Weed Control Companies in Highland Village

Texas lawn care specialists perform fertilization and weed control services throughout the year. The tasks require specific steps to keep your grass healthy and weed-free. The proper distribution of herbicides and nutrients prevents dangerous conditions that threaten your lawn. It also lowers the risk of bacteria, fungus, and common lawn-based pests. Fertilizer and Weed Control Companies in Highland Village perform fertilization and herbicide applications to give you a well-maintained and vibrant lawn.

What is Involved in the Lawn Maintenance Plan?

Slow-release fertilizer is distributed throughout your lawn. The granular applications include phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium that provide a beneficial mixture to promote a healthy lawn. The slow-release product offers a consistent infusion of vital nutrients and minerals over a predetermined amount of time.

The growth rate is achieved through the steady absorption of the fertilizer, and your lawn becomes lush and greener. The process takes up to about eight weeks to show results. The products coat your grass adequately, and the chemical reaction provides more proactive weed control for your lawn.

What is the Fertilizer Schedule is used to Treat Crabgrass?

In the early spring and summer, granular pre-emergent fertilizers offer the best amount of herbicide for your lawn at a slow-release rate. Rotary spreaders are used to distribute the fertilizer throughout your lawn. A drop spreader is used for curbs and edges of the lawn. The lawn care specialists utilize the tools to provide the most accurate distribution of the fertilizer and kill off the crabgrass.

What is the Fertilizer Schedule is Used to Treat Broadleaf Weeds?

In late spring to the mid-summer months, a water-soluble fertilizer with stabilized nitrogen is distributed throughout your entire lawn. Herbicides are added to provide a better coating and provide a stable feed for your grass. Hose sprayers are the most effective tool to apply the fertilizer on mild days when it isn’t as windy, and rain isn’t expected. The process is repeated for mid-summer to early fall months.

What is the Fertilizer Schedule for the Mid Summer and Early Fall Months?

Granular fertilizers are used to winterize your lawn in the mid-summer to early fall months. The application offers a careful balance to provide adequate nourishment for your grass until spring. The nutrients are stored in your grass to keep it healthy and improve its growth rate.

In Texas, lawn care specialists follow a predetermined fertilization and weed-control schedule. The proper fertilizers and herbicides are distributed throughout the lawn with the most effective tools to achieve your lawn and landscaping goals. The processes include granular and slow-free products that offer adequate nourishment for the grass and keep it greener longer. To learn more about fertilizers and weed control services, you can contact Main Street Mowing and schedule an appointment today.