You Didn't Know This About Lewisville Landscape Maintenance

In Texas, landscaping designs increase your property’s value by as much as twenty-five percent. The best concepts offer an assortment of flowering plants and trees that add balance and elegance to your home. All landscaping require proper maintenance to retain the value it adds. Landscaping specialists provide Lewisville Landscape Maintenance to keep your designs beautiful and healthy.

What are the Types of Landscape Maintenance?

Lawn and landscaping specialists perform maintenance for properties, including grass and landscaping beds. The steps include mowing the grass and pruning your bushes and hedges primarily. On the other hand, high-maintenance landscaping involves annuals, perennials, shrubberies, and water features.  The landscaping specialist assesses and treats all features of the design during maintenance steps.

What are the Essential Steps for Planting Bed Maintenance?

In the spring, Main Street Mowing can do your Spring Cleanup. Bed maintenance is performed at least every ten weeks. Monthly weed removal is completed, and mulch is laid along with pre-emergent. The flowering plants and shrubs are pruned and trimmed away from your home, and the grass is mowed to stop it from taking over the beds.

All dead tree branches and debris are bagged or bundled for the city to dispose of. The grass is mowed at regular intervals, and fertilizer is applied up to five times each year.  Grub and insect control services are performed, and the landscaping is treated for weeds.

Are There Special Steps for Maintaining Evergreens and Perennials?

Evergreens and perennials that are planted together are pruned at the beginning of spring and in the late fall. Main Street Mowing performs the service with hand-held pruning shears. Evergreens aren’t trimmed as extensively as the perennials to prevent misshapen results.

Why is Mulch Important for Landscaping?

Mulch provides adequate insulation for cold winter months and prevents root damage. It deflects sun rays in the summer months and maintains moisture in the soil keeping it at cooler temperatures. Weeds won’t take over the planting beds if mulch is distributed thickly throughout the entire space. We can replenish the mulch based on its decomposition rate, usually annually for North Texas.

What are the Maintenance Steps for Trees?

Trees are pruned to promote the best growth path. More mature trees require mulch applications to feed surrounding plants and flowers. The older trees often block sufficient sunlight from the plants. The mulch offers adequate nourishment when direct sunlight isn’t available.

In Texas, landscaping design and maintenance are paramount for your home. Strategies that are used to promote healthy landscaping and lawns include proper pruning, grass mowing, and fertilization. Main Street Mowing can  perform the services and lower common issues that are unhealthy for all plants and trees.

To learn more about landscaping services, contact Main Street Mowing and schedule your appointment right now.