Lawn Mowing Tips from Flower Mound Lawn Mowing You Have Never Heard

While mowing the grass is a task that seems pretty straightforward, there are some people who make the job more difficult than it needs to be. The good news is, with the tips found here, provided by Flower Mound lawn mowing professionals, anyone can maintain great looking, healthy grass, without overworking themselves or their lawn mower.

Sharpen the Blades

When the blades on the mower are sharp, it will prevent the need to make multiple passes. While there are DIY blade sharpening kits, it may be best to invest in the services of a professional at the beginning of the season.

Mow at the Proper Time

According to experts, it is best to mow a lawn is when it is still cool outside, which means in the evening or morning. By mowing when it is cool outside, moisture will remain in the grass’s roots where it is needed. It can also reduce the risk of the person mowing suffering from heat exhaustion.

The evening is a better time to mow compared to the morning, since this provides the grass with 12 hours of healing time before the sun comes back up. Also, in many cases, grass is wet or dewy in the morning, and it is never a good idea to mow wet grass.

Maintain a Proper Grass Length

Some people believe that if they give their grass an extreme cut, it will prolong the amount of time they have until it has to be done again. However, if more than a third of the grass blade is cut at one time, then this can cause serious damage. Additionally, longer blades will provide shade to the ground, which will slow down evaporation and help prevent weeds from sprouting. Less extreme cuts will result in fewer weeds and a healthier lawn.

Let Grass in the Shade Grow Longer

When longer grass is present, it means the roots are also longer. Because grass that is growing under a tree has to compete with the roots of the tree for nutrients and water, the grass will be able to remain healthier if it stays longer. Make sure to leave all grass in the shade a little longer than the grass in the sun to protect its health.

For homeowners who want to ensure their grass is cut properly, hiring the professionals may be the best course of action. Contact Main Street Mowing to learn more about the professional mowing and landscape services available.