Some people like to leave their crepe myrtles to grow naturally.

Some people like to trim just a little bit.

Obviously, if it's rubbing up on your house or something, you're going to want to trim that up and give yourself a little bit of space between the house and your shrubs. You don't want it rubbing on the brick, making noise all night long. Or maybe, pulling some paint off of your house if you have some siding or something. But one way we like to tell people on how to trim their crepe myrtles is you don't want to trim it in the same spot every year. It's going to form a knot and it's just going to have a lot of scar tissue and stuff.

Crepe Myrtle Trimming can leave scars, so don't trim in the same spot every year.

Trimming a Crepe Myrtle can be confusing.

So every year, maybe go up a foot or whatever, let that tree get some altitude and everything. Try to keep your Crepe Myrtle skinny if you want to, just basically on personal preference. But I like to keep the trees a little bit skinnier, especially if you're … It depends on where it's growing, but if we don't want to block the windows and stuff like that, we want to keep all the things that are growing out horizontally, trim that back and try to keep some vertical growth going. Trim about a foot above where you trimmed last year. And any branches that you see that are growing, there's one right here, this is what happens. See this? So you got two branches that kind of grew together, and that could have been stopped a while back. They're just rubbed on each other and rubbed on each other and did some scar tissue. And so you're going to want to separate whatever branch that grew this way and started rubbing on the other branch. You want to stop that sort of thing.

So that's why you see all these branches, they're pretty clean, all those little trash branches we removed all the way up to the edges there. So do that sort of thing. You'll have an awesome crepe myrtle, and of course, it's going to have some awesome blooms this spring. So Crepe Myrtles look great here in North Texas, especially here in Highland Village, Lewisville, and Flower Mound.

Main Street Mowing would love to come out there and trim your crepe myrtle for you.

Now's the time. If you're watching this around February, mid- to late-February, then now's the time to do it before these things start budding out and get some awesome crepe myrtles.

Crepe Myrtle trimming is part of our normal bush and bed program.

If you sign up with us, we come out five times a year to trim your bushes and clean up your flower beds and stuff like that. So if you're part of our bush and bed program and you want us to do your crepe myrtle as part of this round of bush trimming and service, or if you're not on our bush and bed program and you just want a one-time deal, then call in early February or even before that. We'll get you on the schedule. You have a good one.