Right now, you can look out over your property and see that your lawn is brown and dormant. Because it’s the end of January, you’re probably not even thinking about spring cleaning your yard yet. But that will change in the next month. In about four to six weeks, it’ll be time to scalp your yard to prepare it for spring growth.

What is scalping?
At Main Street Mowing, when we scalp your lawn, we set our mowers at their lowest levels to cut your lawn extremely short. If you live in the Lewisville region, we recommend that you have your lawn scalped in mid- to late February.

Here are eight reasons why late winter lawn scalping is right for your property:
1.  To remove excess thatch. Thatch is the dead layer of shoots, roots, and blades that reside in between the soil and your green grass. Thatch that is over ¾” will encourage fungal growth in your turf.
2.  To get rid of any debris from your lawn.
3.  To allow extra sunlight to warm up the soil. By warming up the soil, you’re encouraging plant growth and health.
4.  To encourage your lawn to green up earlier in the season.
5.  To wake your lawn up from its winter slumber earlier in the season so that it doesn’t have to compete with spring weeds germinating and trying to take up yard space.
6.  To prepare your lawn for any renovations that you’re planning for this spring, such as core aeration, fertilization, and overseeding.
7.  To prepare your property for grading to even out any bumpy areas.
8.  To give your lawn plenty of time to recover from the scalping process.

Why You Should Hire Us to Scalp Your Lawn
Since we’re a Lewisville lawn service provider, we can professionally scalp your lawn so that it looks neat and clean, as well as professionally prepare it for any excavation or overseeding work. Plus, we’ll make sure that the job’s done right so that your lawn isn’t damaged by the scalping process. We own commercial lawn equipment that can handle this tough job without damaging your yard.

Most of the time, scalping will produce up to 20 bags of debris per small city yard. By hiring us to scalp your lawn, you’ll save labor, money and time because scalping your yard is hard work and a dirty job. Since we do this every day as a Lewisville lawn service, we guarantee that we’ll get the job done right for you the first time.

We only perform scalping services one time a year and it’s a great value to anyone who decides to invest in it. Currently, our scalp mowing service is approximately $80 per job. Our regular, weekly spring mowing jobs are about $26 per yard. We have over 350 customers who use our scalp mowing service because they value the benefits that their lawns receive from it.

Last year, our scalping service schedule filled up fast. And we believe that it’ll be the case this year. So it’s critical that you schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

We complete lawn scalping jobs in the Lewisville area from mid- to late February. Call us now to get on our schedule at 214-317-8301 or visit our website at https://mainstreetmowing.com/.

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