Do You Want More Time for YOU?
Hire a Highland Village Lawn Service to Mow Your Lawn

Did you know that you can actually save money as well as up to six or more hours per month when you hire a Highland Village lawn service to mow your lawn?

It’s true.
We did the math.

At Main Street Mowing, we figured out what your initial investment will be when you buy your first mower, as well as all of the other accessories needed to maintain your lawn.

Here’s the breakdown:
Assuming you buy your lawn mower from a big box store, you’ll spend $400 for your average, no frills mower. You’ll also want to buy a weed eater too. Your cost is about $300 for your average weed eater at a big box store. You will also pick up an edger at the same time that you purchase your mower and weed eater. Your cost for the edger will be $329. How will you remove all of those grass clippings from your walkways and patio? Will you sweep all of your hard surfaces after mowing? In the hot weather? No thank you. Instead, you’ll probably buy a blower at $129 to make clean up a cinch. You can’t drive your mower to the gas station and fill ‘er up. Instead, you’ll use gas cans to transport gas from the station back to your home. You’ll pay around $32 for gas cans (you’ll probably buy one to fill your mower, and another for mixed oil and gas for the weed eater). And you’ll have to maintain your mower, weed eater and edger with string, blade sharpening, oil, and gas which will cost you about $100 per year. Finally, you’ll need to buy personal protective equipment, such as gloves, glasses, ear plugs, and a mask. The total cost for these essential items is about $40. So for lawn mowing equipment, you’ll spend about $1,330. And keep in mind, your lawn mowing equipment won’t last forever. So, you’ll probably need to replace it every 2 ½ years—which means shelling out $1,330 in regular intervals.

Time is Valuable Too
But the biggest commodity that you’ll spend while mowing and maintaining your lawn is YOUR time. You’re busy during the week juggling your family and work responsibilities. And if you’re like most overscheduled adults, you’d rather sleep in and take it easy over the weekend.

Do you want to have more time for yourself during the weekend? Then hire us. We’re a premier Highland Village lawn service, eager to save you time.

Our Done For You Service Solution
When you employ Main Street Mowing, you’ll spend about $26 per week or roughly $900 per year for us to mow your Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, TX lawn. That’s less than the amount of money that you’d spend to buy all of the lawn equipment mentioned above (and we haven’t even discussed the labor involved. How much is your labor worth?). We have all of the equipment to professionally mow your lawn. Additionally, you’ll get an additional 1 ½ hours more that you can use over the weekend to spend with your family and to relax. Additionally we always have some sort of new signup special going.

Are you ready to hand over your lawn mowing duties to us at Main Street Mowing? If you live in Flower Mound, Highland Village, or Lewisville, call us at 214-317-8301 or chat with us, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at

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