Does Lawn Mowing Make Your Grass Healthier?Who doesn’t love a beautiful, lush lawn? In fact, having a green, glowing, healthy-looking lawn is a top priority for many homeowners, especially those living in Texas. But while everyone desires an amazing-looking yard that is full of life, getting to that point is no easy task. In fact, learning how to keep a healthy lawn can take years. But while there are numerous factors you should understand about lawn maintenance, mowing should be right up there at the top of the list. In terms of lawn health, many people wonder whether mowing your lawn can really make your grass healthier.

In this post, we’ll dive into that question and also discuss some factors you should consider as you’re trying to keep your lawn in the best shape possible.

Substantial Impact

In short, the answer is yes, mowing your lawn can certainly make your grass healthier, but it’s vital to mow it properly and at the right time. Mowing too short or cutting too often can lead to dead grass, improper growing, and a lawn that is very difficult to maintain.

Frequency Is Key

While the height of your grass is extremely important for the health of your lawn, the frequency of when you mow may hold greater importance. One common mistake that homeowners make involves waiting too long to mow their lawn. Then they decide to do a massive cut when they find the time. Many lawn owners don’t realize that this can be very unhealthy for their yards. Waiting for your grass to grow high and then making a substantial cut puts a tremendous amount of stress on your lawn, which could result in many issues. No matter how long your grass appears, you’ll want to cut a maximum of one-third from the top of the grass blade. Although it’s a lot easier and more convenient to let your grass grow before doing a massive cut, doing so can be detrimental to your lawn.

Maintain Grass Height

Another huge mistake that homeowners make is that they compare their lawn to the grass they find at golf courses. But this is the wrong approach for many reasons. For one, golf courses have intense irrigation systems, which run far more often than the ones found in our yards. Second, courses have a paid staff of professionals that maintain the grass daily. So unless you have an extremely sophisticated irrigation system and tend to your lawn every day, we suggest straying away from trying to make your yard a golf course. One of the reasons you may love the grass on a golf course is that it looks short and clean. But in terms of grass height, we recommend staying around 3 to 3.5 inches in length. During the cooler months, grass should be mowed to 3 inches. During warmer months, especially in the summer, we recommended you keep the grass height at around 4 inches. As the summertime puts added stress on your lawn, cutting too short can make the stress even worse. During these warmer months, minimizing stress on your grass should be a top priority.

Keep Blades Sharp

Another factor you should consider involves the sharpness of your mower blade. While you may never even think about it or notice it, mowing with a dull blade can actually do harm to your lawn. Your dull blade can literally rip and shred your grass, leaving it brown, uneven, and extremely unhealthy. If you cut with a dull blade, you may notice yellow or brown spots around your lawn as your grass struggles to heal. Be sure to choose a mowing company that cuts with sharp blades, or be sure to sharpen your blades yourself if you cut your lawn on your own.

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