We Hang Christmas Lights

Are you looking for a professional company to hang Christmas Lights in Lewisville, Flower Mound and Highland Village?

We also serve surrounding Communities like Lantana, Argyle, and more.

We Love Christmas Time

Howdy guys.

I am excited this time of year because my neighborhood is covered in lights.  Our family loves to drive around looking at lights and it is just another excuse for our family to spend time together. This year is especially important for having a Christmas Light install professionally done because there are so many families stuck with nothing to do because of Covid-19 closing all the local entertainment.  We anticipate an increase in participation this year by homeowners decorating for Christmas.

If you are looking to decorate for Christmas then you should get on our list ASAP to get a free quote.


What are some decorating ideas?

Most commonly people ask us to hang C9 LED lights on the roof.

Now, these can be an elegant warm white color or blue, green, multi-color, and tons of variations mixing colors.

The cool thing is there is a huge opportunity to make your house look cool this Christmas.

Other things to consider are wrapping trees, bushes, and outlining flower beds with lighted yard stakes.

christmas light installer company

You can also find out more about our installation services.  We have created an entire website dedicated to our Install Services.