Nothing compares to the look and feel of a beautiful lawn. When the sun is shining on your glistening yard, your green lawn makes summertime that much better. However, keeping a healthy lawn is no easy task. From mowing the proper height to watering the right amount, there are many things you should understand before caring for your yard. And one of the most important topics to consider involves the common mistakes that homeowners make.

In this post, we’ll discuss 5 mistakes that will ruin your lawn.

Watering Too Often

Your lawn needs water to live and thrive. When you see a glowing, green lawn, it’s because it’s been cared for and watered properly. However, you must know how often you should water your lawn. If you water it too often, then you have the perfect recipe for a yard disaster. When your lawn has too much water, that water actually prevents your lawn from developing its deep rooting system. This system helps to carry water deeper into the soil, which is vital for growth and overall health. The best way for homeowners to water properly is to maintain a deep and infrequent watering schedule throughout the year. As for the amount of water to use, a third of an inch of water is recommended for most lawns.

Cutting Grass Too Short

Cutting grass too short is another common mistake that far too many homeowners make. Furthermore, this is one of the leading causes of a dead lawn. Even if you enjoy a short, nicely trimmed lawn, cutting things too short can lead to a yard nightmare. This is because cutting grass too thin leads to very weak roots, and if those roots don’t have the strength to grow properly, then you could have a dead lawn very quickly. In addition, if you live in a place with warm temperatures, then cutting your lawn too short can be even more detrimental when compared to a lawn in cooler temps. Another downfall of short grass is that it is unable to receive an adequate amount of sunlight needed for proper growth and sustainability.

Poor Feeding

When you’re ready to fertilize your lawn, you can’t simply go to the store and buy any type available. Unfortunately, the process is a lot more complex than that. In fact, many lawns need different types of soil, different amounts of soil, and soil application at different times. To implement the proper feeding process for your lawn, you’ll need to do your homework beforehand to ensure you know the right materials to purchase. Another key thing to remember is to never overfeed your lawn. Although your grass does need the proper nutrition to grow, too much of it can actually kill your lawn.

Planting Incorrect Grass

Unfortunately, you can’t simply plant any grass in your yard. While you may love the grass of your friend who lives in another state, growing that same type of grass in your yard may be downright impossible. That being said, you want to ensure that you plant the recommended grass for your yard. There are many factors that go into choosing the best grass for your lawn, but one of the most vital aspects involves the shaded areas around your home. Given how grass needs sunlight to thrive, different grasses need different levels of sunlight. Therefore, yards full of only one type of grass are rare; there is usually a mix of different grass types. So even though you may be heartbroken about the recommended grass for your yard, this approach gives you the greatest chance of a healthy lawn.

Leaving Clutter On the Grass

As we’ve stated multiple times, your grass needs sunlight to grow properly. But when you have tons of clutter thrown around on your lawn, then those items limit the time your grass spends basking in that needed sunlight. From kid’s birthday parties to barbecues with the family, it can be very easy to leave things scattered about your yard. But if you frequently notice items being left out on your lawn, they may hamper the growth of your grass — and that could lead to a ruined lawn. So while it may feel like a hassle, do yourself a favor and try to keep your lawn open and free to let all that sunlight in.

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