Growing up in Lewisville in the 90’s

Our Summers were filled with adventures that my mother would never hear about. My stomping ground was definitely Lewisville. It was a great experience. I lived in southern Lewisville by Central Park just off Edmonds Lane. After the rain would come through, you could find us floating the creek with our dogs from Central park all the way to Business 121. My friends and I were always covered in mud. We smelled like sweaty boys and we played until the street lights came on. Someone was always bleeding. That’s just the way it was on a daily basis.

Lewisville seemed much slower back then, smaller too.

My neighbors may not have known my name but they knew which house I lived in. There were always 6 bikes strewn all over the lawn. I was brought up by my parents to have fun, and compete in sports and in life. When I was old enough to drive I decided I needed some money of course. I needed a J.O.B. My dad worked at a golf course and mom worked at Dr. Desai’s Office in Old Town Lewisville. So when I wanted some money I was encouraged to mow some lawns, including the Doctor’s office.

Yes that is right, my first lawn mowing job was in Lewisville, Texas.

I mowed a Doctor’s office and I loved earning money as a teen. If you would like to add your name to our growing number of awesome Lewisville lawn customers, I would like to take this opportunity to give you a lawn mowing price instantly with our super smart form.

Tanner Maxson, Owner at Main Street Mowing

Mowing Your Lawn
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City of Lewisville Watering Restrictions

There are a number of factors that will determine how much water your lawn needs and the frequency of watering. What type of grass you have, the slope of your lawn, how much sun or shade your yard gets and what type of soil are all big factors that impact how you should water. Clay soils (our “black gumbo”) will hold water longer but are difficult to water without runoff. Several short water cycles can help penetration. Sandy soils may require short and more frequent watering. Likewise, southern or western exposures will need more frequent watering than north facing or shaded areas.
Many people think they must water every day or every other day to have green and healthy turf. This is a common misconception that wastes water and actually weakens your lawn. Horticulturalists recommend watering your lawn deeply and infrequently to promote a strong root system.