The Confessions of Your New Lawn Company
Is Highland Village Smart? Absolutely. Maybe. Let’s Find Out.

I just moved to Highland VIllage. I have a confession to make. I had funny expectations about how life was going to be. The neighbors are going to have nicer lawns, the kids are going to be well mannered. The husbands are going to either work longer hours or spend lots of time on the golf course.

You have to understand, coming from a less wealthy neighborhood, this is how Highland Village is viewed. It seems there is just more of everything here. So when upgrading from one area and moving into another, I assumed the people were going to be stuffy. You know, I thought they would have an attitude of people who think that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people.

So I Decided to Test This Theory.

On a first encounter with a neighbor I decided I had better let them talk about themselves and say as little as possible. I would’t want to give away the fact that I left my silver spoon at my other house.

I will change the names to protect the innocent going forward in this story.

I am unloading boxes and I hear this huge train whistle in my back yard. Scared me quite good. I think I involuntarily slapped the wall. My new Highland VIllage home is near a rail road track but not that close. I go into my back yard and there are 6 neighborhood dads hanging out just outside my back gate. I couldn’t resist the curiousity so I joined them to find out what was all the commotion. It seems Jake just bought an RV and the other guys were harrassing him. The new RV had a train whistle horn and a couple of the guys just couldn’t help themselves. HONK!!! chuckle chuckle. Then someone else would honk it 2-3 minutes later.

I am thinking to myself, “These guys are rednecks with good jobs.” I met them all and thought they were all super friendly and then their wives came out and again they were all super friendly. So where are all the Silver Spoon neighbors?

The Neighborhood Bar-B-Que

was a few days later and if ever I was to be smack dab in the middle of high society yuppies this was going to be the time. Once again I was disappointed. The kids were all getting dirty and riding bikes and throwing baseballs. The mom’s were talking about the local schools and ya know, mom stuff. The Men were talking about football and guns and ammo. I kinda felt like I was sitting at my own family get together. So Highland Village has normal people. Shocker.

Just Goes to Show you.

From the outside looking in, a group may appear uninviting or less than your ideal warm and friendly click. You won’t know the true atmosphere of a group until you join the group and place yourself inside the circle of trust with its members.

Let’s wrap this up with a final thought.

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Why does this matter?

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Tanner Maxson, Owner at Main Street Mowing
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Did you know?

High Grass / Lawn Maintenance in Highland Village

Lawn Mower

City Ordinance
The City of Highland Village requires that grass, weeds, or uncultivated plants be no taller than 12 inches, as per City Ordinance Section 38-24.

It is the City’s policy to request voluntary compliance regarding this ordinance; however, citations can be issued for failure to comply after a reasonable amount of time.

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