Why Are You Here Reading This Blog Post

There is a great deal inside this article. You most likely live in Flower Mound. You are searching for a lawn mowing company, and you know that hiring a lawn company with customer service systems and liability insurance is better than hiring a lawn guy off the street corner.

You may also be concerned about finding a reputable company that stands behind their word and will actually give you high value for the price you are paying. If you so choose that we fit the profile then maybe we can come to an agreement and your chore of finding a lawn mowing company will be checked off the list.

But first…

Let me talk about myself.

Just kidding. How about I tell you about yourself? This is not a trick. We have been serving folks that live in Flower Mound, Texas since 2005. There is a small pattern that we see in the level of service that your fellow Flower Moundites (Flower Moundans, Flower Mound residents,FLO MO citizens) request and we have been able to deliver.

1) Same mow day every week is how normal people mow the lawn. Right?

You want a Flower Mound Lawn Company that schedules a pre-determined mow day and the company actually shows up on that day and mows the grass. We know this matters. You have gone through all the trouble of kenneling a dog the morning of your service day or having your teenager clean the dog mess. Eww that is no laughing matter. Give that kid a couple extra bucks for the yuck factor. We also know that programming a sprinkler system is like doing college math. You want your lawn to be mowed when it is dry so that it looks better. No one likes a clumpy lawn. We know that you go through a lot of trouble to get your schedule inline with a service company. The least we can do is actually show up on your mow day. Flower Mound people are not asking too much. It should be expected of every lawn service company that serves Flower Mound.

2) Paying too much for lawn maintenance is weird.

Price matters even to folks living in nice homes. We recently did some great market research on all of our competition. As it turns out we not only provide the best service and offer more features and benefits, we also have one of the lowest prices in Flower Mound. Check out the great Comparison chart we prepared for you here. We appropriately titled it the guide to the “Top 5 Flower Mound Lawn Care Companies“. Of course this guide will be a treasure map leading you to huge savings with Main Street Mowing. Did I mention we can leave your favorite payment card on file so you won’t have to leave a check under the mat.

3) Clean up your mess dude.

Every time we visit your property we will leave it nice and clean. In fact you may not even realize we were there if it were not for the fact that your lawn miraculously now stays a nice 2 and 1/2 inch height. Our fast, efficient, professional, well groomed, good looking, lawn guys will mow, string trim, blade edge, and blow all the debris off the paved areas one every single visit. We won’t stay all day either. Our guys do a 100% perfect job guaranteed. We have speed built into their shoes and machines. We will most likely be in and out in 15 minutes or less. You get your beautiful lawn and your peace and quiet back in much less time than pretty much every other company mowing lawns in Flower Mound. Did I mention we can work quickly while still maintaining 100% customer satisfaction? True Story.

If you would like to add your name to our growing number of awesome Flower Mound lawn customers, I would like to take this opportunity to give you a lawn mowing price instantly with our super smart form.

Tanner Maxson, Owner at Main Street Mowing