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Service areas in Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Highland Village, Texas. 
zip codes 75067,75077,75022,75028

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    • 12%   *Conversion Rate (average commissions per click in last 30 days)
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Inside The Service:
What To Love About Main Street Mowing

  • Simple Signup Choice - Yes or No
    • Weekly Mowing  -- from $28 Weekly - Your Affiliate Commission: $100
    • Bi-Weekly Mowing -- from $38 Every Other Week - Your Affiliate Commission: $100
  • Top Features
    • Instantly Quote Lawn Services With Webforms
      Super fast loading online quoting tools pull property records and quote lawn services based on lot size. Consumer facing tool, meaning the customer can get a quote 24 / 7 on autopilot.  We take it a step further than quotes here.  We also Securely take Credit Card Information and the lead becomes a customer instantly.  No more getting quotes.  The lead checks the buying objective off his or her list and a successful conversion is marked in your account.
    • Unlimited Pages on Unlimited Domains
      You can bid jobs on an unlimited number of landing, sales, and opt in pages with your Main Street Mowing account. You can also use your Main Street Mowing account with an unlimited number of domains. Alternatively just send traffic to your affiliate specific link and forget about building a website at all. Just drive traffic and watch the sales come in.
    • Instantly Quote Lawn Services With Door To Door Sales Teams (available after interview)
    • (Limited availability. All soliciting licenses and fee responsibility provided by the affiliated partner.) Now you can organize multi level sales teams. Up to 3 tiers in the organization. Sales managers can make commissions off team leaders, and team leaders can make commissions on team members. Team Members can login to see there real time sales commissions, keeping everyone motivated to sell.  Team managers and the members can also see in the dashboard the number of contacts made and the conversion rates for the day, week, month.
    • Lead Tracking
      When a lead comes in from Bob the team member, that lead is cookied and tracked for 30 days. Now if the lead calls the office to get service Bob still gets credit for generating the lead and introducing our company.  This option keeps sales teams motivated.
    • 100% Mobile-Responsive Pages
      Main Street Mowing works on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices effortlessly. We'll make sure that everyone can navigate through the checkout pages (and that you don't lose sales by restricting who can see them).
    • Conversion Rate Stats/Analytics
      With our built-in analytics, you can find out in seconds how Main Street Mowing, and your account is performing. With a glance, you can see your conversion rates, unique visitors, and graphical analysis of how your marketing assets are trending over time.
    • Split Testing
      Whether you’re tweaking your headline or trying out a new design, split testing is the fastest way to find out what works for your audience. With our built-in lead tracking tools you can see which page is generating leads and sales.
    • Follow Up Seamlessly
      Main Street Mowing is integrated with Infusionsoft and will deliver responses on your behalf.  This ensures that each lead is tracked and touched more than once. We give different responses if the lead gets a quote or does not get a quote, if there is an errorin the quote. If they simply close out of the offer page without accepting the quote we can also treat that lead differently.  We will attempt to close the deal with a very successful follow up sequence and track your lead every step of the way.
    • Digital Asset Delivery / Email Campaigns
      Main Street Mowing makes giving away free content “bribes” easier than ever.  Instantly send subscribers free content bribes (or “lead magnets”) when they opt-in for your lawn service quote. We have taken care of building all of the downloadable PDF's, free videos, free content pages and more.
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