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Birdfeeder Dos and Don'ts to Feed Your Birds Without Growing the Seeds

Your Lewisville Lawn Care Provider Recommends These 5 Bird Feeder Tips
We know that birds that dine at your bird feeders can be messy eaters. As your Lewisville lawn care provider, we recommend the following ideas to limit bird seed from sprouting on your Texas lawn:
•    Place a tray underneath your bird feeder. Garden centers and big box stores          sell trays of all types and sizes for bird feeders. Purchase them to put underneath         your feeders to catch flying bird food.
•    Buy bird seed that your local birds will love. Birds are like kids. If they don’t like      what they’re served, they won’t eat it. In this case, they’ll spill it all over the place          and you’ll notice that you have weeds sprouting in your beds and on your lawn. To      avoid messes and bird food weeds from sprouting, make sure that you buy bird          seed that doesn’t have a lot of fillers, like red millet, that birds don’t like.
•    Don’t fill up your bird feeders. We understand that a filled feeder means happy        birds, but a full feeder also means more chances of weeds growing in your lawn.          Instead, fill up your feeders a third to halfway full to avoid spillage and still feed             your feathered friends. One expert recommends mowing your lawn first; then,             filling up your bird feeders. That way, you avoid accidently running down any birds      hiding in your lawn, and the birds will associate feeding time with silence after             mowing.
•    Stabilize your feeder. Do you notice your feeders swinging freely during a wind          storm? If you do, you know that birdseed is flying with it. To anchor that flying               feeder, stabilize it by using twine to tie it to a nearby branch.
•    Clean up below. One bird expert recommends putting feeders at places where          you have concrete pavers below. Granted, you don’t want it directly above your          patio or outdoor kitchen/dining area, but you may want to place it at another               location where it’s paved and easy to clean. Then, sweep up the area on a daily          basis to keep the bird seed to a minimum.
You can still enjoy watching a wide variety of birds visit your Texas property throughout the year without having to deal with weeds sprouting from bird food or by ignoring good lawn care techniques. These tips will allow you to have a healthy, robust lawn while promoting the bird population in Lewisville.
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