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Birdfeeder Dos and Don'ts to Feed Your Birds Without Growing the Seeds
Your Lewisville Lawn Care Provider Recommends These 5 Bird Feeder Tips:
We know that birds that dine at your bird feeders can be messy eaters. As your Lewisville lawn care provider, we recommend the following ideas to limit bird seed from sprouting on your Texas lawn: ........... Click here to continue reading
Keep Trick or Treaters Safe This Fall         
Do you have your ghouls, ghosts, and goblins ready and rehearsed for a spooky Halloween?
Where did you place your scary monsters, clumsy witches, and black cats in your TX. lawn and landscape? Are they out of the way of excited kids running across your yard to get to your front door? If not, you may want to move your monster mash to a safer spot.: ...........Click here to continue reading
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